Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 9, Thing 23

Woo-hoo!!!! I finally made it to the end after a year or so.

Creative Commons attribution "Learning 2.0 is a discovery learning program created by Helene Blowers. Content and style for School Library Learning 2.0 and Classroom Learning 2.0 have been borrowed and duplicated with permission, under a Creative Commons License."

I love this quote from the Creative Commons license (For some reason, I can't get italics turned off here.) - "
This is a human-readable summary of the Legal Code (the full license)." Always good to have a little sense of humor.

When I looked at the Creative Commons License page, it said a new one was available. I looked at it and compared it to the old one but couldn't find any differences. Hmm.

Great resources for copyright issues. I'll use these when I create an inservice for teachers in the fall on Fair Use.

Thoughts on the course:
GREAT stuff! Even though I'm pretty technology literate, I was exposed to many things here I wasn't aware of. I love the diversity of it and the curriculum connections. As a colleague would say, it's a drink from a firehose so it's all a bit overwhelming but the curriculum connections really help to make it real.

As always, in exploring to complete lessons, I ran across many other items of interest that spurred thoughts and new knowledge. The trick will be to somehow get started and use some of the tools.

Like others, I'm frustrated that many tools are blocked by the district but that really just means that I and others needs to make valid educational arguments for why they should be allowed.

I would most certainly take other courses if they were offered. This has been a lot of work and taken a lot of time but it certainly has been well worth it.

A couple of suggestions.... make all the links open in new windows. I found myself often having to reopen the course windows because I'd lost it many screens back. It would also be helpful if people blogs who are currently working on the course are listed in a different place than people who have completed the course. (Actually, that may be the case but many of the blogs I looked at hadn't had entries in many months so it made it hard to find people who were currently working on the course.)

My one word to describe the course (as I'm sure others has been) is "Wow!".

Thanks for the opportunity and the encouragement and thanks for been tireless promoters, both here and in CALIB and at conferences. You really make a difference!


Jackie S, 2.0 project manager said...

Congratulations! You have successfully completed School Library Learning 2.0 and are now an official member of the CSLA 2.0 Team. Your blog has been moved to the "Congratulations! CSLA 2.0 Team" list.

The best way to keep learning web 2.0 tools and curriculum connections is to cheer on others who are taking SLL2.0 or invite your district classroom teachers to take

Best wishes!
- Jackie Siminitus
CSLA 2.0 Team project manager

Libladylib said...

Congratulations. It feels great to finish, doesn't it? You have accomplished so much and had fun doing it. Now comes the hard part; integrating it into your daily life. Good luck.
Sometimes I wonder how I survived without I use it all day long.